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Acie M. W Lumumba Founder Meat Box and Cornerstone Consulting #Zimbabwe

Acie M. W Lumumba Founder Meat Box and Cornerstone Consulting #Zimbabwe

Acie M. W Lumumba  is a 27 years old, born and raised in Epworty, youngest Honourary Doctrate recipient for Humane studies, BA in public administration, studying masters in global leadership. Involved in politics since 17 as community volunteer later House of Lords leader in United Kingdom Youth  parliament, founded Hatfield Development program to organize communities to solve their own challenges. Former advisor to Minister Saviour Kasukuwwre, invited to speak on youth matters at World Economic Forum twice, Umoted Nations general assembly, World Bank. Former chairman Zimbabwe Youth Council Harare province, chairman National Business Council of Zimbabwe and youngest district chairman in Zanu PF . Currently CEO of Cornerstone Consulting the leading political and risk advisory firm that birthed Meat Box which employs 200+ and In the next month rolling out 2nd phase of the business which will employ 5000

Acie M. W Lumumba Founder Meat Box and Cornerstone Consulting #Zimbabwe 1 Acie M. W Lumumba Founder Meat Box and Cornerstone Consulting #Zimbabwe Acie M. W Lumumba Founder Meat Box and Cornerstone Consulting #Zimbabwe Acie M. W Lumumba Founder Meat Box and Cornerstone Consulting #Zimbabwe
How did you come up with the concept for your business and at what point did you decide to make it a reality?

The concept was inspired by a need and problem within the community I was raised, Epwroth, where due to power shortages there was no facility to buy meat you can save over night but above hat there was affordable meat you could buy for a family making little to no income and that brought with it a lot of food insecurity and nutrition matters, through a conversation with a good friend who is in the meat business Shigi Zinyemba CEO Bellive Meats I landed on the solution and the rest is there for all to see. What point I decided to make a move, it was as soon as I had a move to make

How do you make the leap from a secure paid job to starting your own business?
You step up, it’s that simple for me, I don’t think everyone is cut out for this but for those passionate about business you just step up. The logic of staying in a job that doesn’t fulfill your gifts baffles me.
How much money should someone have saved before starting their own business?
None, you don’t need to use your own money, the globe is kept spinning on financial instruments and models that now enable any business to run to invested capital. Money is out there, and it has a way of finding good ideas.
How long did it take for you to be profitable?
Since day 22 for me, the model was good but in the midst of this you refer to as profit was a lot of learn curves on efficiencies that could have reversed the whole state but profit for us was or far from the day we went live.

Was there a moment when you wanted to give up but pushed on through anyway?

No. Wrong guy

What was the best advice you ever received? Worst advice?

The best advise I received was from our partners AMP Meats CEO who said the whole business is based on operating efficiencies. It really is.
Worst advice I don’t know, probably went in one ear out the other

Since you’ve been through it, what would you tell someone starting out?

Never stop improving, you have to believe in what you doing and you have to be committed to being the best ever. Do not ever take advise from someone whom you are not prepared to exchange places with

Who is one person who influenced you and played a pivotal role to where you are today?

Savior Kasukuwere. If I had to say only one person. I have been very lucky to have many people in my life who have believed in me and kept me going but this man was the total game changer for me. He has mentored me for over 5 years now so he is my longest mentor and I have never met a more determined and able man in my life. He gave me a perfect model to follow which I know he got from the President Cde Mugabe.

Finally, take me through a day in your life.

I’m up around 1.45- 2 am everyday. I spend a lot of time with me, getting things out of the way that can only be done by me, so I pray a lot, Meditate, plan and prepare all my moves 10steps in advance, I also read a lot, by 5 I’m in the gym, 6 I’m at my factory, 8 I’m at my head office and I spend the day in meetings till 9pm, I reconnect with Meat Box depot for daily update and am in bed by 11most days

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Eish a lot of typos in that article eish too much!! Cldny finish reading the first paragraph

pasi nembavha doko

just admit for once that you made the move after surrey gave you the business blueprint and montana meats financed you!